Women striving to take Humanitarian Action

The effect of Dentistry in Humanitarian Aid

For most of us who live well or can afford to visit doctors regularly, dental care is not that big an issue. At least not as much as it is in poor countries. People that can afford it, go to their local dentist on a regular basis. In other cases, some go for oral cosmetic surgery, implants and cleaning. These are not essential inasmuch as they are for appearance purposes. However, for people in poor countries, oral health can be a major issue. In certain cases, it can often turn into a humanitarian crisis.

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Female Humanitarian Trailblazers

In countries where war is prevalent, humanitarian aids are needed more than ever. But in many places, the aid of female humanitarian is so little despite the fact that more victims are female and children. Ironically, many women fell victim to the hands of...

Why Are Women Disproportionately Victims in Warzones?

Wars affect everyone in every sense, especially when you live right where the warzone is. But the event especially affects women. What is the cause? Why are women so heavily affected and we are still seeing a few female peacekeepers? Cultural limits While peacekeepers...