The biggest organization in the world that is involved in humanitarian, UNICEF, is doing all they can to help the ever-growing crisis in countries like Sudan. They send in peacekeepers, doctors and other experts in order to help with the life there, but what can us, ordinary people do?


If you don’t find yourself in a position to be personally involved in the work, a donation is another great way to show kindness. People in these countries need the basic things we have for granted such as food, clothes,and sanitary items. Women have problems with no access to procuring tampons, children tend to be malnourished and not enough doctors are available to help everyone.

Another form of donation would be money to a charity organization that will purchase the necessary products instead.

Volunteer work

Volunteering yourself in these countries is also another form of help you can give. If you have degrees in health and medical studies, that would be a great help for the people there. Even if you don’t, there is always something that you can help by attending lessons from NGOs that teach what you can do to help. For example, you can help with cooking for refugees and those who are homeless in the area. You can help parents take care of their children and provide basic information on things like how to use sanitary items and keep themselves clean.

Another form of volunteer work is to work in your own country. Staffs are always needed in the headquarter to help with translating and emergency mapping. Before and when disasters struck, people need to quickly analyze the location and create a transportation route to have aids sent as quickly as possible. Missing Map Project is one example.