Wars affect everyone in every sense, especially when you live right where the warzone is. But the event especially affects women. What is the cause? Why are women so heavily affected and we are still seeing a few female peacekeepers?

Cultural limits

While peacekeepers are often deployed to affected areas to protect the civilians, women are often tied to cultural taboos that they should never communicate with any men except their husband. Yet, without communication, it is hard to assess what they currently need the most and what problems they are facing. The issue becomes complicated with the fact that there are few women in the peacekeeping team, making it hard to understand the problem at all.

Peacekeepers trespass

Another issue is sexual harassment and rape cases by peacekeepers towards women in countries who become vulnerable as regulations and rules lose their power. Nobody is there to speak up for them or fight for their rights, especially if the people who are responsible for that fail to fulfill that. It couldn’t be worse? You guessed wrong. The peacekeepers are often not held accountable for many reasons.

They don’t have the power

In many countries where war is a common daily occurrence, women are often not taught to protect themselves. Because of the culture that exists there, the weakest of the victims are women and children that no rules or people can protect.

Campaigns are losing trust

Recent years, we have seen an increase in fundraising and campaign aimed toimproving the lives of people, especially women and children in places where war hits the hardest. The message is good, but the fact is unclear as to whether anything has been done at all. People are unable to see if any significant positive things have been done from what they donated.